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Welcome to Nutrition & Grace. I’m Beth, and I’ve been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for 18 years. I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M and then continued my studies at Texas Woman’s University for my dietetic internship and Master’s of Science. After spending many years in clinical nutrition where I’ve seen a lot of people suffering through the effects of poorly managed chronic disease, I love to work with individuals to prevent and minimize these long term outcomes. I truly enjoy food and want others to enjoy it too – without guilt and on their own terms of feeling good.

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My Mission

My mission is to empower and equip individuals to find sustainable eating habits based on their individual needs and circumstances by getting in their kitchens and feeling comfortable and excited to create nourishing meals without deprivation.
“I de-mystify nutrition and offer grace in the process so clients can offer grace to themselves.”

My Philosophy

After all these years, my approach is much more based in reality than the ideals that I had fresh out of school. I believe that “all foods fit” and advocate for as little restriction as possible. My goal is for my clients to find healthy, sustainable eating and activity habits that work best for their lifestyle and promote the best possible quality of life.
I come along side clients and problem solve – I encourage on the journey: “progress not perfection”

How I do it…..

By translating recommendations into realistic action steps, I help clients identify goals and action steps to succeed and walk beside them in the journey to offer support, education and problem solving. I love to share recipes and tools for making mealtimes less stressful and more nutritious. I want people to have the confidence to follow through on the plan because I know making changes can be overwhelming. I offer you grace in the process to help you in turn give it to yourself!
My Values

Authenticity – Respect – Compassion

Why I Do It

I love nutrition and helping people improve their health and relationship with food. Food is a necessary and amazing part of life – it doesn’t need to be stressful!
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